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Our certified trainers are qualified to adapt any workout to meet your specific needs. Achieving fitness goals requires your commitment to a lifestyle change. This is our commitment to you:
We offer NEW MEMBERS an introductory rate of $49 for the first 21 Days! Try unlimited sessions, nutrition coaching and accountability for 30 days risk-free and a full money-back guarantee. 

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We've got some great new rates for you, and be sure to ask about how to supplement your current routine with one-on-one personal training!

Group Classes

Dynamic Membership + Key ($117 - $167/month)

A Membership Pass is the most cost-effective way for you to reach your fitness and health goals. Monthly or annual memberships offer unlimited classes, and include a key for you to enter Dynamic Fitness on your own time if you choose to do so. Workouts will be provided for you to follow, or you can do your own.

Key Access Only


Can’t come to classes but would like access to the gym and workout programs? This is for YOU! ($73)

Personal Training & Special Programs


Our trainers create customized, comprehensive programs for your specific goals, fitness needs or injury challenges. We offer private and semi-private training with discounts for multiple sessions. 

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