Meet the Dynamic Fitness Trainers

Keira Newton

Owner, Trainer

Keira Newton is one of the foremost leading experts on kettlebell training, and is one of only two women in the world who holds the title of Master RKC, an elite select certification level. With over 15 years of experience, beginning with her Feldenkrais certification in 2001, Keira has see all physical and fitness challenges and has worked with every type of client—from chronic couch potatoes to elite athletes.

As the mother of two girls and the owner of Dynamic Fitness in Santa Fe, NM, Keira balances her hectic schedule with her own personal brand of personal life coaching and weight training. This practice combined with her decade of fitness, body work and rehabilitation have made her an authority on helping people reach new levels of life transformation and overall health that they never thought possible.

Keira has helped men and women all over the country achieve and even surpass their fitness/life goals with her straight-shooting coaching style and keen eye for spotting what's holding someone back.


  • Feldenkrais Certified

  • Master RKC

  • Z-Health R, S, T

  • FMS

  • CST

  • Clubbell Yoga

  • TRX Certified

  • PCC

  • MCT

  • Personal life coaching mentorship with coach Barb Wade


  • Pain/Injury Rehab + Prevention

  • Personalized Fitness Program Design (fat-loss, endurance, etc.)

  • Diet/Goals Coaching

  • Breaking through barriers that are holding you back in your life/ life coaching

  • Increasing Flexibility/Mobility

  • Kettlebell Certification Preparation

  • Improving Sports Performance

Kelly Stranahan


After the birth of three children, Kelly experienced what most new mothers do, weight gain. She went from a size six to a size 12 and was looking for a way to get back into shape. In February of 2010 Kelly decided to join Dynamic Boot Camp at the suggestion of a friend. 

Her body transformation was immediately noticeable. She'd tried just about every type of exercise out there and had never seen results like what she found in kettlebell . . . She was hooked! She not only found an exercise regimen that she enjoyed but discovered a passion for health and fitness.

Kelly soon signed up for the first Dynamic Extreme program and the body transformations continued. Not only had she dropped 6 dress sizes, she gained strength and stamina, giving her the ability to keep up with her very active young daughters.

Following a serious surgery in February 2011, she used kettlebell to get back on her feet and regain her strength. Fully recovered, Kelly set out to get her HKC in May and began teaching at Dynamic Fitness in August 2011.


  • RKC II

  • MCT

  • PCC

  • Battling Ropes Certified


  • Cardio/Endurance Training

  • High-Spirited, Motivational Workouts

  • Building Strength

  • Bodyweight Training (Calisthenics)

Soharu Staples


Soharu had never participated in sports in high school or college, but in her early 20s, she joined a gym - ran on the treadmill, circuit trained on the machines, and occasionally picked up a dumbbell or two.  She was content with that routine for almost ten years . . . until she discovered kettlebells.

Soharu started her kettlebell journey in February of 2012 when she decided to join Dynamic Boot Camp with a friend. She'd heard a little about kettlebell training, but had no idea what a profound change it would make to her body composition, or how challenging and fun the programming could be. She realized then, that in the past ten years she had been going to the traditional gym, she had never noticed any major gains in her strength or conditioning.  But after a mere three to four weeks in Dynamic Boot Camp, Soharu saw her body change in ways she could never have imagined.

She was inspired by her speedy transformation and by the talented Dynamic Fitness Trainers to get her HKC Certification in May of 2012. Then, five months later in September of 2012, she was certified as a RKC Instructor.

Her journey with kettlebells continues to evolve every day, and she receives great joy by teaching and motivating others.



  • RKC


  • Building strength/muscle

  • Increasing endurance

Rebecca Berdel


Rebecca joined Dynamic Fitness in late 2017 and quickly fell for the explosive power of kettlebell training and our awesome gym family here in Santa Fe.

Rebecca has been jumping, chasing, and lifting things all her life--taking gymnastics as a tot, and playing a little bit of every sport available until eventually focusing on throwing discus competitively through high school--earning the IHSAA's Mental Attitude Award her senior year. 

As an adult, Rebecca has deeply enjoyed both the mental and physical benefits of "getting sweaty" in group fitness settings such as outdoor bootcamps, cycling, Muay Thai, and everything in between. Working with a few incredible personal trainers inspired her to teach fitness professionally. 

Under Keira's solid training and guidance, Rebecca earned her RKC certification in May 2018 and put it right to work teaching class the next day! As a former summer camp counselor, she aims to bring a dose of good fun and positive encouragement to each workout.



  • RKC


  • Building strength

  • Making workouts FUN